Saturday, November 3, 2007

Different forms of Loss

There are many kinds of loss in this world. The loss of a family member or friend to death, the loss of a pet or even a job sometimes. Loss can be in death or in separation from that person or place. Some losses seem worse than others, until it happens to you.

I think one of the hardest losses for me, was when I lost my best friend. She didn't die, but a situation took her from me and we were never able to talk again. The pain of knowing that she was not in my life any longer, but still on this earth made it worse than a loss to death for me. I wanted nothing more than to see her and for everything to be normal again, and knowing that she was going on with her life and I was just stuck grieving from it just killed me.

Loss comes in so many forms that I think you would find it interesting just how many other people are out there grieving over the loss of someone or something and feel just as alone as you do.

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